Five Star Family Day Care Pty Ltd believes that children should be educated and cared for in a safe, secure, caring and warm environment that is respectful of their cultural diversity/religion background, fosters a sense of belonging in the family day care


  • Provide outstanding quality home-based care for children from all ethical backgrounds.
  • Provide a supportive, stimulating and caring environment that encourages children to develop to their full potential
  • To encourage children to learn and develop at their own level which will lead them to gain confidence and self-esteem. By providing direction and understanding which will give them the opportunity to explore themselves in a safe and secure environment.
  • Provide a program that is suitable for all families, as well as catering to their needs.
  • Recruit competent Educators who are committed to the ongoing development and wellbeing of children.
  • To offer families a program that is relevant, accessible and affordable. Five star Family Day Care Pty Ltd recognises that cultural and linguistic diversity of Educator’s and the children in their care and strongly urges that diversity is incorporated into children’s experiences.
  • To facilitate and cater to those families and individuals who are in desperate need for suitable day care for their children and those seeking an educator in family day care.
  • To create and maintain safe, healthy environments, spaces, place, which enhance children’s learning, development, engagement, initiative, self-worth, dignity and show respect for their contributions.
  • To foster cognitive, social, physical, creative and emotional development of each child by recognizing and accepting their individuality.
  • To utilise existing resources in the community including those individuals with knowledge, skills and experience in childcare to provide and manage a culturally relevant service.


  • To provide quality, affordable, safe home based childcare.
  • To operate an education and care service which is supportive of both families and educators
  • To provide a service, which reflects the diverse nature of our society and meets the individual 
needs of children and their families
  • To provide a flexible service that can offer full time, part time, weekend, shift work, casual, overnight and 
emergency care, as well as before and after school care whenever possible.
  • To promote understanding, tolerance and mutual respect for all service participants through 
communication, education and training.
  • To involve parents/educators and the local community in the planning, management and integration of the 
  • To promote co-operation between the Service and other community agencies by the creation of 
useful networks.