Five Star Family Day Care Pty Ltd believes that children should be educated and cared for in a safe, secure, caring and warm environment that is respectful of their cultural diversity/religion background, fosters a sense of belonging in the family day care community and encourages them to be actively involved in developing a fun, play based learning program.

We believe that play forms the foundation for children’s learning and we implement this through the Early Years Learning Framework ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’, in providing learning environments that support positive results for children.

We respect the uniqueness of each child’s characteristics and abilities and acknowledge the importance of the child’s family; their values, language and background.

We encourage positive, respectful relationships between all children, parents, Educators and coordination unit staff; and foster a working environment in which teamwork is evidenced through support and understanding as well as an appreciation of the contribution of all team members.

We believe that Five Star Family Day Care Pty Ltd offers children many unique opportunities to improve their lives and to develop and grow into happy, resilient young people who have the necessary skills to fulfil their potential and become confident members of the community.